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White Day2 : The Flower That Tells Lies

Released in 2001, 'White Day : A Labyrinth Named School' provide interactive fun with twisted horror set in a familiar school setting.

'White Day 2 : The Flower That Tells Lies' is the official sequel to the first game 'White Day' presents well-organized plot and meticulously organized horror that surpasses the previous one.


A rumor spread among the students that Sung-ah's ghost had appeared in Yeondu High School where the accident occured on March 14.

People didn't believe in ghosts and care about it, but a few of them recalled the memories of the past again.

A girl among them went towards the closed school at late night to escape from the yoke of her nightmare caused by the death of Sung-ah.

But the girl wasn't the only one who came into school at the time.

To reveal the truth of that day,

To find each other’s lies,

They set forth to the school.

Tonight, they were being swallowed up by the school once again.

Choice And Consequence, Multiple Endings

'White Day2: The Flower That Tells Lies' consists of three episodes, and each episode progresses from the point of view of different characters at the same time and place, facing each ending.
The player's choice affects the characters' behavior, and the story of each episode unfolds in various ways again, and the game has a total of 14 endings up to episode 3.

Among them, there are five endings of episode 1, and you can check two endings when you play episode 1, but depending on the story you played in episode 2, you can check the other three endings when you play episode 1 again.


Maybe it's because she grew up lonely in a poor family, she is bolder than necessary and straightforward with strong pride.
She came to like Sung-tae, who is in the same class, but Sung-tae likes Sung-ah.

Misunderstanding that Sung-ah told the teacher that she had smoked, she went around the school, saying she would kill Sung-ah,
but coincidentally that night, Sung-ah died in a fire in the school's home economics practice room.

People suspect that Soo-jin killed Sung-ah, but to prove her innocence to her crush Sung-tae,
she suggests to Sung-tae to go to Yeondu High School together, one year after graduation, on the night of March 14, 2001.


With a timid personality, he liked Sung-ah, who was kind to him.

At first, he thought Soo-jin's unruly behavior was bothering him,
still he didn't hate Soo-jin who kept talking to him while showing interest in himself who had no friends.

Meanwhile, Sung-ah, whom Soo-jin hated,
died in a fire in the home economics practice room.

He can't even refute people's suspicions about Soo-jin, who is suspected to be the culprit.
He was afraid of being bullied by showing close relationship with Soo-jin to others.
In the end, he graduated while remaining ambiguous with Soo-jin,
but one day he received an offer from Soo-jin to go to Yeondu High School together.


Seo-yeon's father, who was working as a Korean language teacher at Yeondu High School,
fell off the school roof late at night and his death case was closed as suicide.

Unable to believe that her father committed suicide, to find the truth of her father's death,
she entered and graduated from Yeondu High School and went back to school to do teaching practice.

She found out that dead souls were trapped in the school from several clues over years.
she decided to free their soul in order to send the souls to the heaven including her father's.
On the night of March 14, 2001, she went towards Yeondu High School.


A first-year student at Yeondu High School who follows around So-young Han, a character from the previous work.

Ji-min returns to school to help So-young Han's older sister,
Na-young Han to send her soul to the heaven, and found out the secrets of the Yeondu High School Foundation and the cause of Na-young Han's death that have not been revealed.